The World's Best Technical Olympic Weightlifting Coach Coach Nikolai Ge

It took Coach Nikolai just 5 minutes to fix my Snatch technique.

I am an Olympic Lifter, otherwise known as Weightlifter. I was lucky enough to have a good a teacher and trainers throughout my life to teach me how to lift. Mr. Tom Kirkbride, the high school wrestling coach, taught me how to weight train. Peter Schmock, taught me how to do the Clean & Jerks and Snatches in Seattle (1993-1994). In Almaty, Coach Nikolai Ge helped me improve on all my lifts (2015-2016) at Reactor Crossfit.

After one year, my entire workout program changed. Coach Nikolai got me to focus more on technique than the actual weight. He would always tell me that I "...was strong at lightweight" which is a good compliment.

Now I focus on techique.

Coach Nikolai Ge - Almaty, Kazakhstan
One of the first group classes Coach Nikolai Ge taught at Reactor Crossfit.
Coach Nikolai Ge - Almaty, Kazakhstan - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coach Nikolai was always busy with students. When not at Reactor, he coached tennis at another location.
Coach Nikolai Ge demonstrating the Snatch at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coach Nikolai demonstrated the techniques.
My clean at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Most of my Olympic Lifts improved within the year.
Coach Nikolai always demonstrating the Snatch at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coach Nikolai Ge did the full-sequence of the Snatch for me.

Video of Coach Nikolai Ge

I have one short video of Coach Nikolai demonstrating the Snatch.

Coach Nikolai Ge at TEDxAlmaty

Coach Nikolai Ge talks about his technique at TEDxAlmaty.


Great trainers are hard to come by. Coach Nikolai passed away in early 2017. I felt I had so much more to learn from him. I wished I had stayed longer in Almaty. Luckily he gave me two Weightlifting technical books he authored. I plan to get them translated into English.