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Salaam Central Asia

My Kazakh students - Karatau, Kazakhstan (My Kazakh students - Karatau, Kazakhstan)'s "Salaam Central Asia" focusses on my experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan and as a Program Recruiter in the Kyrgyz Republic.

From June, 1997, until July, 1999, I served as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Kazakhstan. My Peace Corps site was located in Karatau, Kazakhstan, in southern Kazakhstan. I taught English as a Foreign Language and Computer Keyboarding to Kazakh and Russian students. When I am not in Karatau, you will usually find me in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty, pronounced Almata in Kazakh, was where I loaded up on my chocolate chip cookies.

After I returned to the US in July, 1999, I was immediately offered a contract as a Program Recruiter with the American Councils for International Education (ACCELS/ACTR) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. After this conference, I flew with the Office Manager from the Osh office to Kyrgyzstan. Before flying to Bishkek, I attended a conference in Moscow, Russia, for one week. After this conference, I flew with the Office Manager from the Osh office to Kyrgyzstan. During my four months in Kyrgyzstan, I visited my Peace Corps site in Karatau, Kazakhstan again to see my Kazakh host family. I also made a brief visit to Andijan, Uzbekistan.

After I left Central Asia in December, 1999, I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed Turkey so much that I decided to visit it a couple more times. I returned to Istanbul in 2001 and visited Antalya, Turkey, and Alanya, Turkey. The following summer, I again returned to Istanbul and volunteered with Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey in Charshamba.

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