Hosh Geldiniz! Istanbul, Turkey

Early 2000s (Pre-AK Party) Istanbul.

I had visited Istanbul three times already. The first was after I completed my contract work with ACCELS in Kyrgyzstan. I stopped over in Istanbul for an overnight in December 1999. It was a memorable trip since I forgot to close my window at night. I heard the loudest call to prayer in the morning.

I returned a second time in December 2001. During this trip I also visited Antalya and Alanya. Students from Fatih University took me around the mosques in Istanbul before I flew to Antalya. The students knew me from STV interview of me on Yeni Hayatlar.

For my third and last trip to Istanbul, I did volunteer work at the Turkish Foundation of Education Volunteer.

Eyup Sultan Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
My friend had four of his female students take me around Istanbul. After we left campus, they took me to visit the Eyup Sultan Camii.
Eyup Sultan Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Eyup Sultan was one of the first Muslims to try to conquer Constantinople. He unfortunately failed and died outside the city. When the Ottomans finally conquered Constantinople, they later built a mosque for Eyup Sultan.
Eyup Sultan Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Footprint of the Prophet Muhammed - Eyup Sultan Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Eyup Sultan Camii is also famous for having the footprint of the Prophet Muhammed at the mosque.
Footprint of the Prophet Muhammed - Eyup Sultan Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Prophet Muhammad's Footprint.
Fatih Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Later that week, I visited the Fatih Camii several times with my friend. It is my favorite mosque in Istanbul. I would pray there many times during the 2nd and 3rd visits.
Fatih Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Outside of the Fatih Camii.
Beyezit Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
By the summer of 2002, I got to visit many more mosques. This is the Beyezit Camii. Many students would pray here since it was near a major university.
Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.
The Blue Mosque is also another favorite of mine.
Fatih Cammi - Istanbul, Turkey.
In July 2002, I saw this view of the minaret from the Fatih Camii many times walking fro
Ayasofiya Camii - Istanbul, Turkey.
Ayasofiya was not a mosque in 2002 but is now. I want to pray at the Ayasofiya in the future.

More to come

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